Trouble With Steam /

So this is a very specific problem, and I don’t believe anyone else has posted anything like it yet. I haven’t downloaded plugins for Garry’s Mod in a while, and when I went to the site I realized I had to login with my Steam account. That wasn’t a problem, at first. I knew my password, so that worked, but then Steam said I hadn’t logged in with this browser in a while (and the same went for every browser I tried), so I needed to put in the code that they sent to my email at

There’s the problem. See, Verizon sold out, or something very stupid like that, so last year my email switched to Emails sent to my email were only forwarded to until December 31st, 2010, and since I can’t login to my Steam account at all besides the Steam Client itself, I have no idea how to change my email.

Here are the questions. Is there any way to change my email without having to login through the website itself? Can I do it through the Steam client, or is there something else? Is there another way for me to get plugins for Garry’s Mod without logging in and without going to another website? (I tried making a new Steam account but it didn’t own Garry’s Mod so that didn’t work) I may just email Steam’s customer support, and maybe if I explain the situation and tell them I know my password and everything, they may let me change or reset my email? Please give any feedback you can, and I will give you any info you need to figure this out. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure you can change your Steam account’s email address under one of the tabs in the top left corner of the Steam client.

Ahh, I see that now. But I’m sorry to say it doesn’t help. It still needs a confirmation code that it sends to my email. I tried resetting it without putting anything into the code spot, but it just attempts and then fails every time.

I will wait a little while for more posts, but after a while I will just message Steam customer support and ask them. Thanks.