Trouble with Steam Multiplayer

I posted this here because (unless a HELP section is made soon) there isn’t any place more fitting.

Anyways, I’ve been having this problem plaguing me since the day I bought this computer. I have been unable to play online on Steam games. Regular games work fine, but Steam ones don’t. And before you ask, no, I don’t have a cracked or illegal version of Steam.

On most games, the server list will be empty, even when I know there’s other servers up. On Source games however, the list shows up, but I’m given the standard “server is not responding” message on all of them. The thing is, I know it’s not my computer because my brother has the exact same computer and specs as me. Hell, we even share the same Steam account (It’s too expensive to buy all of my 30+ games over again on a new account, so we shared one for the sake of it being cheaper). I messaged Valve several times and each time it took nearly a week to issue a response and the responses never worked. (Hell, one of their support people managed to fuck it up even worse) So for the sake of saving time and hopefully getting a better response, I’m asking you Facepunch.

Has anyone else had this problem?

If you’d like, I can post my computer specs and things, but I’m certain it’s not a hardware issue. (Remember, my brother has the exact same computer and he tells me he didn’t need to do any fixes or alter it too get multiplayer to work) It would be nice to finally play multiplayer, especially with my friends.

FYI Anyone at my house who hosts a server or wants to join one of mine can. I believe that’s what LAN is about. But their computer has to be at my house and using my network.

I’m also going to be making another thread in the Tech Support section in the Hardware and Software section as that’s more related to the topic.

Can you go hunt down a server IP for GMOD, Load up GMOD and open console and type

connect IPHERE

Actually, I think we can close this. It miraculously started working all of a sudden not more than an hour ago (almost exactly after I made this post.).