Trouble with Terrortown, Server.

For some reason i’m having Trouble with my server. It appears when i start it up no one can kill each other. In prepare, in progress and in round over after someone killed them self by kill command. I need help fixing this please and thank you.

Did you try disabling godmode?

Gonna have to agree with this guy, make sure sbox_godmode is set to 0.

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Then again that should only apply to sandbox :-/
Make sure sbox_plpldamage is set to 1 also.

Actually sbox_godmode should work for every gamemode as it is part of sandbox, and the base gamemode. Which means all gamemodes should have it.(According to my knowledge, anyone feel free to correct me)

I thought sandbox was derived from the base so the base gamemode wouldn’t have any of that. Terror Town which I’d assume was derived from the base so that command shouldn’t have any effect on it.

I remember when I was examining the base gamemode, their was quite a few sandbox features. Plus I k ow my servers sandbox or not use sbox godmode.When I was on TTT,darkrp ect it worked. Ulx enables godmode until changed by sbox_godmode in the server.cfg

If you want we can go to my old ttt server, and I hopefully can prove you wrong.

Open up your console and check if it shows any errors.