Troubled Water + Bonuses

Lens blur combined with an alpha pass.

I think I messed up the colors in this one.

I was playing around with the stacker tool when I accidentally hit R with my physgun causing my entire scene to collapse Inception-style. My frames dropped to 0.00001 per second so I tried to take some pictures with it and make a reverse GIF with it.

It kind of looks like a scenebuild being reconstructed, to me at least.

And for some holograms!

I prefer the unblurred one. You’re honestly the first person I’ve seen on here to actually pull off screenshots that truly look and feel like paintings.

All of your works are amazing and they just keep getting better and better!

i feel like the blurry one helps add to the painting feel more

very good

Now this is just gorgeous, love your editing.

lovely! i really like that artistic style.

Gorgeous. I love the second one, I can see what’s happening better. And I love the colors and overall composition. You are really finding your style in these recent pics and it’s a great style. Always unique and winner worthy. I love the creativity in your work, and you always have an eye for really cool concepts. That scene collapsing gif is some inspirational shit. I might just take the idea and do something with it.