Troubles with addons

I’m brand new to Garry’s mod, so if its an obvious mistake, please forgive me. On a side note, I couldn’t find a solution on google.

I downloaded a few addons (to play SB3) and put them in the addon folder. I have been fiddling around with them, and in game most of the addons show up. However, GCombat08 and Smart Weld, among other addons, dont show up. I put these in the addons folder the same way I put the spacebuild addons; why am I only seeing a portion of the addons?

Side notes: I’m doing all of this on a single player sandbox mode SB map. Figured I’d learn more about controls before I started going online.

Other note: Sorry if this is the wrong forum, this one seemed to fit the best.


(Personally, I prefer Smart Constraint over Smart Weld.)

Anyways, are you SURE they’re not there? They don’t get a separate tab in the Q menu, like SB3 would. Look under tools, and make sure you haven’t accidentally collapsed any collapsible menus.
Also, make sure you’re installing it right. Go into addons folder, and click on the addon in question. In that folder, you should see an info.txt. If it isn’t in that folder, but is in the NEXT folder, then move the contents of that folder one folder back.

…nevermind. Seems as though I was looking in the wrong place. Now I just have to figure out how to get these weapons to work.



Oh, thanks DeathDoom, didn’t refresh before I kept looking for them. I was assuming GCombat n such would create spawnable items for some reason, and was mainly looking there.