Troubles with Freight elevators.

Hey, I’m having some difficulty making a model based freight elevator work properly while following this tutorial:

It is mostly useful but also sort of @#!*% as it doesn’t give any information about how to best place the entities or how he set up his elevator.

The problem is this; every time I press the elevator button, (which is supposed to close the door) the door just closes and opens and closes and then stays open, and then I need to press the button one or two more times before it actually starts to move (the door stays open in transit)

I know this is due to my placement of the first path_track (which tells the elevator to stop and the doors to open) but how do I get around the issue of it stopping prematurely and opening the doors? Also, how would I make the doors stay shut if like the 3rd floor is selected and it passes by the node on the second floor?

This is a stupid question, but I would appreciate any help on the matter.