Troubles with HLMV.exe (Missing textures)

Whenever I try to load a model, I consistently get the error shown in the picture. The path to the materials is correct since the model loads in-game perfectly fine so I’m unsure as to what the main problem is. Any help would be appreciated.

The VMT matches with its file placement that’s specified in the GC, it also, like mentioned above, loads into Gmod perfectly fine normally. This problem is… frustrating since it seems to just be a thing happening to me and happens with every model I try to load, only excluding the default hl2 models.

I know I’m late, but I saw this only now, yes, it’s correct, yes, the path are all well done etc, HLMV won’t display textures unless the textures themselves are in the material folder of the game (if you’re using GMod’s, then it’s that), it needs the correct path too, if it’s in a folder called “materialthing”, then you will put it in “materials/materialthing/”. At least I think it’s that, but yes, it’s very normal for HLMV not to display textures, the textures themselves are not compiled into the MDL.

I tried to help him though and even got the files. However there weren’t any problems with my HLMV because I just dragged and dropped my files.