Troubles with saving, the search cache, browser and ending gmod

Sometimes, when I try to save a game, nothing happens, and in the console it says “save file could not be found” or something like that.

Search cache
When I try to rebuild the “search cache”, alot of the times it wont do anything or it wont search through all models.

When I press the plus sign next to the folders in the browser menu, not all of the pluses will show up or sometimes nothing happens at all.

Ending gmod
When quitting the game, HL2.exe still runs in the background, and when i end the process and try to play it again “steam startup failed” shows up, so I have to restart steam every freaking time.

Save has been broken since Garry’s Mod’s OB update; as for the other stuff. The Search Cache takes a VERY long time to complete and models with skins will not show the skins until Garry’s Mod is restarted.

The browsing problem is normal, just click the plus and wait, and don’t forget a plus will only appear if a directory has a subdirectory, or many.

As for your exit problem, that’s common too; but the Steam thing isn’t. Have you opened a support ticket?

Save works for me.

I know it takes long time for the browser and search cache, but alot of the times nothing happens, because ive tried waiting still nothing happens
Support ticket?