Troublesome puddles

Hello Face punch.

Been recently trying to add some puddles onto my map that reflect the world. I’ve tried “Digging” a 1 unit deep whole in the floor and filling it with water but it looks awful in-game.

What I’d like to know is weather it is possible to make some overlays of puddles which reflect the world and props and how to do it?

Effect I’m trying to get.


If not what is the best way of adding puddles

Best option would be to make the material more reflective and add cubemaps with high resolution

There is a puddle overlay that comes with the game that reflects pretty well, but it’s named something like pool which makes it annoying to find.

You could use displacements on the ground and make little dips with water in them.

But thats a last resort.

CSS has an oil slick overlay, modify the texture file of that to look more like water.

and ep2 has a sludge puddle overlay.
just so you know.

I didn’t know EP2 had one, thanks :smile:

Thanks, I’ll take a look at the puddle textures but if not how would you
“make the material more reflective and add cubemaps with high resolution” ?


Just tried the css slick and it looks good but i need something alot bigger!

Edit the .vmt file I think.

L4D has a puddle overlay.

L4D uses a model.

Yes but It also has an overlay version of that model, the model on is the one that gets raindrops and … splashes when you walk in it?

The raindrops/splashes are due to func_percipitation hitting prop_static’s and creating a splash at the end of that tracer.