[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] Trp_Coastal-Sub-Facility_v2
[tab]Version:[/tab] 2

[tab]Description:[/tab] A coastal themed roleplay map.


[tab]Required games:[/tab] Hl2: EP2


This map is the second version of a previous map I released on a few months ago. It’s essentially a section of the Hl2 coastline with various new buildings and improvements.

If you do not have a high spec computer, expect to find yourself in areas with a low frame rate. I have optimised this map as much I can, but the map does contain alot of “Expensive” water. If your framerate is ridiculously low, turn your water graphics settings down.


*Added more buildings around the coastal road area

*Created a new accessible submarine inside of the “Sub Hanger”

*Rebuilt the light house brush by brush for optimisation reasons

*New 2d Skybox texture

*Removed fog

*Added a 3d Skybox to create the endless water effect.

*Probably other things which I have forgotten about.
Credits to “Warmaster” for his wounderful skybox (I think Warmaster made it, although I may be wrong).

Also a big thanks to Isotope for the amazing prefab buildings I used from his pack.






Whoa looks good.

Just fix your image tags.

Could you provide a list of changes, please? From the pictures, the only visible difference seems to be the change to nighttime.

Nice. Maybe adding more to the bunker in the next version, but this looks a lot better.

Cool, is there alot of on-the-surface area too? So it’s not all underground, and is the map small or large.

Rather large, a fair few buildings on the surface.


I like the first pic, nice skybox too!

Beautiful skybox.

Weirdass name bro.
Looks great though.

Perty Skybox

This map has been a great idea from the start and it looks great. I hope to see even more improvements/additions/versions of this map!

I love the skybox

What’s the size of the map overall? :v: At work atm so I can’t test it but it looks great.

Well, It isn’t anywhere near large enough to fly your jets around. It’s just about big enough to fly the Heli’s though. :smiley:

Imma try it when I get home :smiley: oh and make a bigger version too :3: kplsthx :love:

Good work lad, Terminator RP salutes you.

Thanks :smiley:


You’re releasing content without even knowing who made it, if I were one of the authors of whatever you used I’d hate to see my stuff there without proper credits tbh.

But whatever, cool map.