|TRU| Community Servers!

[release]Hey, Welcome to Tators R Us. TRU was formed in 6th September 2010. We are a friendly UK based community who wish to
expand across games such as gmod,tf2,css and many others. Be sure to check out our servers. We are currrently working
on all our servers to make sure players get a good experience while playing there.[/release]

|TRU| Normal CSS Server!
[release] This is just normal counter-strike: source. No custom maps. Just Betting addon. May expand to custom maps later if the community request but at the moment its just standard css maps.[/release]

|TRU|“Avoid Dem traps Tators!”[FastDL]Deathrun[BHOP]
[release] This is TRU’s Deathrun CSS Server. Models menu for custom models. Also,Donation models coming soon.[/release]


** Current Map List**

TRU|“You got red on you”[24/7]-ZPO/ZPS/ZPH-[FastDL]


|TRU|“The Tators are Loose!”[24/7]TerrorTown![FastDL]



Where is the server located?


Will gladly help with a few banners, PM me and il throw something together by sunday :slight_smile:

Love the website!

Bump! added banner thanks to Trumple. Also did more work on the website.

Love the banner as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats always nice to hear ^.^

Still working on the servers. 'Im the only one working on them so im slow D:.

Oh you are the photoshopper behind this eh?

Yup :wink:

TTT Server up :
Come play :smiley:

Tell me if you need another photoshopper :stuck_out_tongue:

Need more players thats what i need :(.

I’ll help out with the servers if you need it, I’ve ran a couple of communities before, both had 8 servers across the Source games which I did myself.

Out of interest where did you buy your dedi from?

http://gtxgaming.co.uk ^.^

Currently reworking Main post ^^

Might check it out actually.

Main post reworked.^.^


Good choice, I used their Dedi’s for both of my servers

Domain purchased. http://www.tatorsrus.co.uk/news.php