Truck and Trailer (large pictures)

As some of you might remember i have done few of these long time ago and failed a bit with them. But now i’m back again with new truck…

As you might seen that there is no interior on the truck and no axels like on trailer, and i might never make then.

does it have a horn?

Saw the first pic, thought I was looking at Rigs of Rods. Good job!

Nope and not even engine sounds :(.

the color sceme of that car in the back ground reminds me of the gta iv stallion

Cartoonish, smiled a bit.

wat, it doesn’t even look like that

ON TOPIC : the front is a bit strange

big truk but nice truk

O Lol on 1st pic my muscle car is in the background
btw i saw you build this on gluttony, seems like a pretty cool truck.

Its a wonder you got the truck up the hill with the grill that low :ohdear:

I like it though. Nice connectery thing.

Grills are replaceable! And i don’t like the front either… Just lost interests making it.


who are you guys on steam? :byodood:

I’m Glt |. Lawliet


Kotijuusto goes ( AMISPOPPI! )

Oh I’ve seen you on before