True Fed

Well… I already wrote a sizable paragraph about this, then accidentally clicked back on my new mouse and it was gone.
Unfortunately,this forum being as shit as it is, it wasn’t saved.
But it’s my fault, because I bought a mouse with a thousand buttons.

Anyway, I once did another homage for True detective, but it was a bit shit and made with TF2 props. So here’s another one.
Featuring two old borderline-retiring federal agents in an Alan Wake-ish north American setting, as opposed to New Orleans.
Also featuring annoyingly rigid ragdoll physics and a rather lacking model of a ford crown victoria.

True style.

This would make a good desktop background or something :slight_smile:

Exorade’s scenebuilds always make good backgrounds.

The lightning on the black ford should be white. It appears kind of beige/yellow though. If you focus on the car, it looks like it has dark yellow/green shadows instead of the whole blueish feel in the rest of the picture though.

default envmap reflections screwing things up again

Every scene-builder always one day hopes to be as good as exorade at scene-builds.

Honestly, I felt like it wasn’t really that good. But thanks. :smile:

It sure looks pretty sick, good job!