True Prop Resizer

I wrote this on to fly to show a friend that it is possible. So, the code is quite messy and you or your server WILL crash, I can guarantee it.

Anyways, simply put, this stool can resize props using a scaling value.

This tool will crash the server if the prop is too small. (rounding issue) There is also an issue with clientside prediction so your player can get stuck on a prop.

Sorry for the crap quality, still processing,


**You need the queryphys module. ([Here]( Please be sure you have it installed before complaining about any issues, thank you.**


Advanced duplicator compatibility coming soon.


Now I can ACTUALLY have that giant bucket.

Giant buckets are fun. :slight_smile:

Cool, and I guess you could put a limit on the size in case of crashes/ridiculous sizes.

Or does that limit vary per prop?

I tried to give it a reasonable limit after testing it in SP. I’ll probably end up changing it if people crash too much.

It does not, Ill have to figure out a good way to detect that.

Maybe base it on the size of the bounding box?

I thought about doing that.

Anyone going to try and revive this sort of project: ?

Another awesome tool using queryphys. Downloading…

Can you make it scale the weight? It would have to be exponential for it to be realistic though.

I also see it screws with Smart Snap.

I tried to scale weight the best I could. (Will improve it soon) Smartsnap will mess up, again, client side prediction.

Are you disabling collisions before rebuilding the physics? If not do that since it will spare you 90% of the crashes:wink:

I am, but I have feeling that the engine sees the mesh as invalid and then crashes. (Really needs an error checker instead of crashing…)

no, it would be cubic.

(Scale X)(Scale Y)(Scale Z)*prop weight.



And 100 percent realistic.

adv duplicator support? if not, it’s nothing more than a gimmick really. good work.

Why did you release this when there’s no gmcl_queryphys yet? A couple of people including me have made this tool weeks ago, but were waiting, because there’s no clientside prediction yet.

Why was clip tool released? Some people may have wanted to see something like this, client side prediction or not.

how do you get it to work?


An easier way to crash servers.