True PVE experience....

I know this game has a diverse audience and each has there own style of gameplay and what they like.
Don’t get me wrong, I do like PvP but I just prefer the PvE experience a little more.
Needless to say after a night of endless wondering, I began thinking about the new Rust environment.
Obviously, we all know that the North is the snow region and the South is the desert,with the mid sections being forested.
Seems logical in placement,however…where is the impact of said environments.
Yes, I understand that it is aesthetically appealing to play in a diverse map setting,however…what if the environment actually played a role in your health,clothes and resourcing?

The North actually depleted your health/food-water if you were not clothed or nourished properly, as would the South (heatstroke)
Bears were limited to the North and wolves to the South while pigs and deer stayed in the most logical zone for spawning in the middle.
Clothing could be zone specific which could be a different color depicting that zone environment.
Weather storms, it could effect your vision or even effect your health. Rain could effect your using a torch or even a campfire/furnace.
You could only gain resources from a specific area. ie; Metal ore to the north and sulfur to the south

I dunno, I think it would greatly impact the game for sure but it would also keep regions to an almost specific player.
Those that want to gain a higher level of security would for sure resource their way to either n or s just because of the better resources.
It would also impact raiding. Fresh spawns wont be able to take the venture north or south due to their lack of resources as they would die quickly.

Just some thoughts while we get through this Ddos issue

So a zone exclusive to seal clubbing? Sign me up.