True Story. Being attacked and computer glitches.

So I was geared up, not fully geared because I am not that good. Geared up enough for me though, I had a pick axe, a mp5, and a bow. In other words, I was totally decked out. I was in the woods and I saw a stack of wood. This is a server full of 128 people (East 1), so seeing a stack of wood is like finding the gold at the end of the rainbow. I get excited and run towards the wood at full speed. If it was baseball, I would have slid headfirst into the wood pile. However, that isn’t an option in this game so instead of sliding I just let go of shift and stood over the wood. So I pulled out my pick axe and made the wood chips rain. It was beautiful until two naked guys holding rocks ran up to me and started beating on me in unison. It was like a wood trap of death. I pulled out my mp5 and backed away quickly to teach these douchebags a lesson. NEVER MESS WITH ANOTHER PERSON’S WOOD.

However, every time I pulled the trigger, my desktop loaded. I panicked and screamed and loaded rust back up and again, I hit my mouse to shoot and my desktop loaded again.

I died.

This was a true story. What did I do wrong people? Did my hand hit alt tab in a panic storm, or did I glitch out? Has this happened to anyone else.


One time my cat fell asleep on my left Ctrl button and i honestly was freaking out for a good hour trying to “fix” the problem.

I have hit t instead of r trying to reload and just sit there like an idiot as I chat a bunch of w’s. With that said I removed t to talk as my hotkey.

Yea, I’ve done that many times. lol.

Let’s say a software launched on your background, or maybe a pop up. Left click would loose focus on Rust, and go back on your desktop. If you didn’t close it the first time and went straight back to Rust, this would happen again. That would be one of the possible cause to that event.

I always run my games in windowed mode, it’s much safer that way. (You can still play at full resolution too!)

My games never crash and if I get some sort of popup or something I don’t have to deal with the game minimizing. Plus if you have 2 monitors you can just press esc to bring up the menu screen and move your mouse over to the other monitor and do stuff without affecting the game at all.

I hate playing on the official servers, they are laggy as hell. Too many buildings all over the place and rubberbanding from too many people.

Since I can’t kill that well regardless, the lag doesn’t really affect how fast I die. However, if I got better I would not play on an official server. I have died numerous times by wolves that stop, then warp 20 feet to me while I am trying to hit them with a bow.

This happened to me once, 3 times the game minimized before I went down, probably one of the most frustrating times in my rust experience. Pretty sure is was due to skype. I just closed skype reopened it, something weird had happened. Never experienced the problem again. Something like this was probably the problem. Sucks but I dont think its a huge reoccurring issue.

Same thing. It happened 3 times before I died. Stopped immediately after.

I have only seen this and another issue when I’m alt tabbing between programs. However this works a little different for me. Instead of it flipping back to the desktop I makes it so I can’t back in rust and it doesn’t acknowledge my Keyboard / mouse commands. However alt tabbing back into Rust usually fixes this. I would say it probably has to do with one of your sub programs running.

On the side of aiming, the best thing I can recommend until you get your bearings is when your looking through the iron sights or holo sight by holding the right mouse button down. Try to strafe “A” and “D” to get the player to run into your iron sights or you move into them so they line up. It is MUCH harder to to just move your mouse around and track a moving player, however with practice you can get better at this. Anyhow hope any of that helps. In your example however with 2 nakes that close to you with a mp5 you could just spray and pray and wipe em out pretty easily, assuming your desktop bug doesn’t happen :stuck_out_tongue: