True Story.I'm tocuhed

I was building my base and but it’s not completed.

When I spawn in,there was a guy.I thought he didn’t see me,and I’m starving.So I combat logged 10 times.

The 10th time I tried tokill him but I died.Then he told me was trying to help me,he asked me whether I need help…

Then we became friends and we added each other on skype.

And after that,when I died,some random guy gave me a pickaxe! He said “Hey Dude,Hey dude,here’s a pickaxe”

At first I thought he’s trying to kill me something,but then he drop it and run away,I can’t remember his name!

Thanks!! If you are reading this!


my fellow singaporean :slight_smile:

welcome to rust

In game name?

You singaporean?I study in Singapore

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I stated I did not remember the name nor did I see it

I do that all the time in the non PvP…find new people, they begin running away. If they stop, they get a full kevlar + M4 + 250 bullets + food.

Others that dont stop and even trash talk like “go away pervert” they get to know the Punisher :slight_smile: