Trungtoto Hacking in facepunch singapore

Trungtoto and his vietnamese gang has been hacking openly and being cocky about it. Flyhacking into people’s rooftops and such. I posted about it on reddit but he and his gang of friends discredited me. Please do something about it and not let them have their way

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread" - postal))

Hi, my nickname is SowBiT
You are not Rekt-Senpai you are Nyanpassu I’m friend with Trungtoto Rekt-Senpai
This guy Nyanpassu has banned by VAC(You guys can view his profile).
@Nyanpassu: you make me feel shame.

Why do you have my profile? I am rekt senpai , you must be his friend trying to discredit me but i am sure the devs will know best :slight_smile:

VAC and EAC don’t operate on reports in the first place, and even if they did this thread is worthless. No proof at all. This thread will not cause the devs to do anything.

And why does Rekt’s steam profile say Australia and OP’s flagdog is Singapore? Impersonation takes more effort than that, kid. :v:

Please take your pissing contest elsewhere, people. VAC and EAC will pick up on on hacks and users will get banned. There’s nothing that can be done by bringing your mud slinging here.