Trust Issues

Hi there,

a few days ago I was pondering about rust and about a certain part of the game which I dislike to some degree.
Rust puts more and more emphasis towards group play, and the forming of new bonds between player within the game.
(quarries, pumps, next tier furnace which can not be put inside a save home. To protect them or use them without danger, you would need a bigger base with a inner yard or some firends to help with the protection.)

But it is always hard to judge a player and if you can dare to turn your back to someone. Often then not, many player say they are friendly at the first contact, claiming to only have a stone or their axe with them, and as soon as you look away your head is pierced with a spear or arrow from your new naked “friend”.

So I was wondering how to reduce the risk that comes by interacting with stranges, because for now, I personaly assume everybody owns an AK and I will be shot on sight (which does not help the part about forming bonds and getting members for a group)

My conclusion… show the equipment of the Actionbar on the character.
So for eg. a naked player has already a spear, an axe and a bow. and all three items are equiped in the action bar (as it is a reasonable thing to do, to euqip tools and weapons)
Assume he is holding his axe in his hand. You would see that as usual, but in addition to this, you would also see that he has a bow and spear straped to his back. so you know he has weapons and with this additional information you can better judge the situation. you can better predict what the outcome of your encounter would be.

If you want to talk to him and befreind him, you know a safety distances is probably enough to not die if this player should be a bit tense.
But on the other hand, if you leave your base to find some poor gatherers and reap them of their belongins, you may think twice (or come up with a better plan) when you see your victim has some means to defend himself.

I would like to hear some opinions about this.
also I think it would look cool if you see someone in full bone armor with a big cleaver on his back. =)

Yeah should be in the game but only things that have weaponry uses like hatchets

hmm I wouldn`t mind to see if he has medikits as well or so.

Yes I want to hold up people and say to them do as I say I see you have a bow there my friend I then show them my back and show them my shotgun and they quake in fear.