tRust [Magma/Sleeper/2-25Wipe/PvP/RareC4/Instacraft/HalfDurability]

Server IP:



Recruiting more help:
-Don’t log in the server and simply ask "Can I be an admin?"
-Must be 18+
-Must go through an interview process through Steam/Skype, anything.
-Must be trustworthy, which is what the interview is for.

I hold all rights to terminate any admins that are found to be abusing their powers with no questions asked.

Server Info:
-Sleepers Enabled
-Pvp Enabled
-Airdrops at 15 Players
-Active/Friendly Admins
-No Admin Abuse, I won’t tolerate it.
-50 slots
-NO Server Lag
-Noob Friendly
-Hackers/Cheaters are dealt with swiftly
-Teleport Requests
-Server Wiped 2/25
-Rare C4
-Fresh 2/25 Update
-Half Durability Loss
-Magma Mod Core

-No Admins Will Spawn You Items
-No Hacking

(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not four. I left your first thread unlocked, use that when you get unbanned." - postal))

Fixed up a lot of the mods, got the Durability working correctly too.

Events may or may not be added, a lot of people seem to be against them.

Come join us!