"Trust me... Everything's gonna be fine..." Two lovers staring at the skyline...

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If you haven’t seen Fight Club, watch it. This is a total scene build, made on GM_Blackgrass. This took an assload of time to edit, and I enjoyed every minute of it :3:


Damn this comparison site is cool (Pretend the buildings in the back and the box in the front are there. I added the box into the build because I realized that it wasn’t a printer in the original movie, and the buildings were L4D skybox props that I had to place way close to the camera and edit to make them fit properly)

[sp]Fuck, I just noticed a tiny bit of bloom creeping onto the upper right side of the picture. I already uploaded all this shit so I’m just gonna let it sit there…[/sp]

Fun Facts:
-Marla’s legs are actually the Witch’s
-The glass, Marla and the Narrarator’s hair and boa, the dress and trenchcoat, and for the most part the explosions and smoke are all hand drawn.
-The picture is actually 3 pictures stitched together.
-The two lit buildings in the back are about the same height of the ragdolls.
-Was built while saving was down so I had to Advance Duplicate it and replace the resized props that weren’t duplicated.
-There is a teensy tiny bit of faulty scene building. Can you find it?

Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!

How the fuck do you people do such fantastic scene builds?

Wow, I read the title and the image from Fight Club’s ending came to my mind

Looks very awesome, great job

And my avatar fits, I guess

Awesome man

Where is my mind?

Persistence and the prop resizer tool (I fucking love that tool, makes scene building a breeze)

Astonishing stuff

‘If I had a tumor I’d name it Marla.’
Best movie all time

Vman…take me…WHAT
No, Im kidding, amazing shit mate.

Amazing work Vman.
Just watched that movie on G4. Again…

I was “…” when I saw the thread title.
But when I clicked I was plesently suprised.

What did you expect? Something… (dare I say it?) …peaceful??

Heresy!!don’t say such things!!

I was epecting romance pose, then I saw it was yours, and I was like “explosions…”


-sniptronic 3000A-


FUCK YEAH! Near perfect recreation.

I think this is a nice cheesy way to show his threads opposed to all.

Holyshit… Wallpaper’d

+50 points of respect for actually making me laugh quite hard.

Thanks xD