tRust|Vanilla|Sleeper|3/4 Wipe|PvP|Events|1/2 Durability| (WIPED TODAY!)

Server IP:

I am the only admin available until I put together a team I can trust.

Recruiting more help:
-Don’t log in the server and simply ask "Can I be an admin?"
-Must be 20+
-Must talk to me on Steam prior to anything.
-Must be trustworthy, which is what the interview is for.

I hold all rights to terminate any admins that are found to be abusing their powers with no questions asked.

Server Info:
-Sleepers Enabled
-Pvp Enabled
-Active Admin
-No Admin Abuse
-50 slots
-No Server Lag
-Noob Friendly
-Hackers/Cheaters are dealt with swiftly
-Server Wiped 3/4
-Half Durability Loss

-No Admins Will Spawn You Items
-No Hacking
-No Teleports Unless Stuck

Connections to server failing.

Working now