Trusting Raqj for Mapping Edits?

I’ve been reading threads about how untrusted he is and I need RP_Downtown_v4c_v2 Optimized was going to pay him 150$ but I figured I should ask peoples thoughts about him and paying someone to edit this map and if not him where I would find someone to do something like this?

REad the thread. He’s not trusted.

find someone else

I’m sure you’d find someone on Coderhire who would do it for that price

A lot of the map related jobs that get posted on that site often ask for way too little

You should really not even bother trying to use that map.
Try a map that wasn’t made by DE-compiling the previous version.

Such as the original v2. Or even better, try something that isn’t downtown.
Just some friendly advice.

I don’t mind switching maps at all, But the problem with that is no one wants anything else other then c18, v4c_v2 and v2 and I don’t really enjoy v2

I wouldn’t trust him. There was already this

150$ for something like this is overkill. 30$ would settle it well.

In case you’re wondering why people voted your post dumb, $30 is a terrible price.

i wish developers would stop being so fucking lazy, it’s easy to develop maps.

I wouldn’t say that too lightly. Will it is easy then modelling and coding, it’s a still takes time and effort to develop a good map.

So far what this other guy has done,

Hopefully people will switch over and stop using the original garbage.

His excuse for poor quality maps:
Roqj: because this was made 2 years ago and i dont really care about the quality of the map
Roqj: Roqj: well v4c_v2 was designed for modified gaming and at the time didnt require much optimisation so i didnt
Roqj: i didnt intend for it to be the #1 rp map

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So slapping a few area portals under the tunnels is a 150$ job?

Believe me that’s not the only thing that needs to be done to this map.

No use of func_detail, func_areaportalwindows etc.

I mean honestly I wouldn’t have hired someone if I had the time.
Also hammer editor won’t open for me, hear that’s been a big issue with sourceSDK.

I have a guy working on it he’s doing such a wonderful job by the way :slight_smile:

Are you the Harbu who made that TSRP code?

For the specialist 2.0/3.0 etc ?

Yeah that one!

I sent you a private message as to not derail the thread

Valve basically abandoned the sourcesdk, all the tools for each game are in that games’ bin/ folder now.

Oh I see, Well thanks :smiley:

I was joking in the respect that people don’t recognize the amount of work that goes into creating original content.