Trusty Vanilla Rustserver (Will wipe in 1 hour) (Location: London UK)

Trusty Vanilla Rust server
WIPED 16/6
Got a new better, faster and stronger server on May 26th!

A server with friendly active admins with over 480+ cheaters banned!
Airdrops and Events everyday (after a Wipe it usually starts withing 3-4 days, events happen before that)
Everyone is welcome!

100% Vanilla:

  • No mods
  • Sleepers
  • PVP / PVE
  • Normal Craft
  • Normal Durability
  • Airdrops

If you are in need of assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the administration.
If you encounter a cheater, we advice you to record a video, or take a screen-shot. Because we will require proof before banning someone.

Why play with us:

  • Pretty much admins online 24/7
  • A self-coded anti-cheat system is enabled on the server, that automatically bans speed-hackers.
  • Wall looters can easily be detected, just call an admin if someone wall-looted you and the admin will find out in a blink of an eye who did it.
  • Over 420 cheaters is banned, caught by the administration.
  • Simple and fair rules
  • Players are not allowed to steal other players bases.
  • Hard griefing (pillars / walls / windows ) is allowed during raid, and can be removed by an admin on request by the owner of the house after the raid.
  • VAC-banned recently? - Consider yourself banned.
  • If you are new to the game, tell us and we will give you tips and guide you!
  • There usually is a noob-hotel, where new people can get a place to live and evolve in the game with other fresh players.


  • No base stealing
  • No wall looters
  • No glitching inside rocks
  • No colors in chat
  • Door-holding is allowed
  • Pillar-Barricade climbing is allowed
  • Pillars in the middle-slot to grief people is NOT allowed
  • English only in CHAT

Join us to join the fun: net.connect

Some people complained about lag, so of course we listen to them, now we have a new box in Amsterdam! And it should be a lot less lag!

I must say that after 600+ hours - this is one of the best servers I’ve ever played on.

Admins doing great job - there literally are no cheaters at all and all those glitchers get banned and so on (they have some 3rd party detecting tool).

Also the website shows statistics and there is a big community here!

If anyone ever considered playing on a good server - THIS IS THE PLACE You should START!

The server was wiped yesterday 20/06, feel free to come play!

Great admins here, just wish I had better ping.
Should join these guys if you have a good ping and near them

And what is worth telling --> we have superb WEBSITE with STATISTICS (like headshots, kills, deaths etc).


Fresh wipe - airdrops are comming up soon (but not yet) -> JOIN NOW!

Get ready as tomorrow (monday) the airdrops will start - so You should strengthen Your walls and build safe places!

Rly!! Airdrop just started! The best server for those who hate cheaters. I rly recommend!

Some cheaters tried to join the server we only get msgs about them being banned. :slight_smile:

And yesterday we reached about 50 ppl in the evening, great job!

I recommend this server to everyone who wants to play without cheaters. Active admins, regular airdrops and fair rules - that’s the spirit of Trusty server.

Still getting more than 50 in the evening and there are no cheaters from Russia/China.

Wiped today!!