Trying out something new wondering if I could get some support from you guys!

Looking for support as well as suggestions for tips/facts!

Hm some of the facts are wrong:

  • “Next weeks update will include farming.” -> Not stated yet when farming will be included, they just said they’re working on it
  • “you can reload while sprinting by letting go of shift when you press R” -> Then you’re not sprinting any more

A few suggestions for Tips:

  • Campfires take one wood to cook 2 chicken breasts per slot. So if all slots are filled, you get 6 cooked chicken breast per wood
  • You can repair damaged/decayed building parts by placing wood/metal in your hotbar and pressing their number key while facing the building part
  • Deers and boars run in the direction they’re facing when they are hit/shot. You can use that to make them run towards you for a more easy kill
  • The fastest way to farm a rock/wood node is using a pickaxe while the fastest way to farm an animal is using a metal hatchet
  • Silencers reduce the range of the weapon they’re attached to, they don’t reduce damage
  • You can hide inside dead animals and use them as shields
  • Explosives can only be found in airdrops
  • Facepunch cannot remove VAC-bans, the Facepunch forum cannot ban people from Rust, not everyone that kills you is a hacker, every base is raidable

My friend actually found an explosive charge in a rad town loot box. Not sure if it was spawned or someone put it in there though.

“Explosives” and “Explosive Charges” are two different things. You can find charges (commonly known as C4) in loot boxes and drops but explosives can only be found in an airdrop.