Trying some effects and the vignetting

Today I tried both of them (The effects have been created in gmod, the only thing that I haven’t done in gmod is the vignetting, I made the vignetting with sony vegas)

What do you think?
Give me some suggestion :smiley:

ps: Sorry for bad english

Very nice, you’ve captured a very atmospheric feel there although you should change the sounds to match, at the moment it’s kind of distracting.

I’m interested in learning a bit more about Sony Vegas editing, did you follow a tutorial to get the vignetting effect?

Yes, I did

Could you give me a link?


Now please, let’s return on-topic.

Where the fuck is Max of s2d

I’m here

Now share you bountiful amounts of knowledge on this topic!

I’ve got nothing to say on this, I don’t see any effects other than vignetting. :geno:

Oh, there’s also the dof, the bloom, the color mod and the motion blur.

DoF seems to be fine, Bloom too, can’t see the color mod, and motion blur is made of frame blending with NOT ENOUGH SAMPLES.

(use Reelsmart or something)

you can do vignetting a easier way…

What is it?

Vegas 9 has inbuilt vignetting which can go in the effect stack, hence allowing it to be modified by other effects

Looks nice, what did you use to record your screen?

fraps, but I won’t use it anymore, now I learned how to use (correctly) the source recorder :smiley:

Now in 3-d lol

Yes, I know, I failed also in the 3d…

3D fails.