Trying to add more textures to SDK [Need help]

Hey guys.

Allright so i am trying to add a lot of textures to SDK through counter strike source.
I am sitting here with multiple folders of new textures. I first tried to put the files into here -> E:\Spil\Steam\SteamApps\madsen2800\counter-strike source\cstrike,
but i noticed that many folders were missing, most importantly the materials folder…
So i looked through my steam folders and saw they had moved the CSS to the common folder -> E:\Spil\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\materials.
So i thought, hey finally they have merged all steam users games. But my textures will still not show up in Source SDK… So i must be missing something obvious.
I would appreciate any help! ( I did verify the integrity of css, no files were missing )

Correct me if im wrong, but i believe the correct path is now;


Thanks! It seems like that works :slight_smile: