Trying to add S-Low models to Garrys Mod

I’m actually having some difficulty adding some S-Low models to Garrys Mod. I add that pack to the cstrike folder yet it doesn’t show up on Garrys Mod. Can anyone fix this?

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The pack says it’s cstrike. I add it to that area and it doesn’t show up.

Which pack are you using? All S-Low models I’ve added work just fine but they were all individual, so I wouldn’t know if it works any different. But anyway, all I do with the models is drop the ‘models’ and ‘materials’ folders on the ‘garrysmod’ folder and bingo.

Say if i wanted the nanosuit from Crysis in Garrys Mod. I donloaded it and it comes up with either “DownloadServer” or “GameServer” packages and both of them have cstrike in them obviously meaning counter strike source

Ignore that. Simply extract the ‘models’ and ‘materials’ from GameServer (the ones that aren’t all .zip files) into garrysmod folder. That should do it.

That actually helped. Thanks man =)