trying to apply skybox

i’m having trouble applying a skybox to the sky. i’m new at this so i don’t know what’s the problem. i tried doing the method of changing the skybox texture name in the map properties to the name of the skybox, but it does nothing. i tried making a world brush with the skybox textures but it still does nothing.

Send some pictures of what you have going on in the editor.

Make sure you’re using the correct skybox name, there may be militiahdrup, militiahdrdn, militiahdrrt, militiahdrlt and so forth, but in the skybox property it should be militahdr.

Show me the inside of the box, and show me what the map properties dialog box says.

is the roof of the inside of that box textured skybox
you gotta change the texture to skybox, just search skybox in materials

You need to texture the brush with the tools/toolsskybox texture. In game it will then render the skybox

oh cool thanks mang. i fixed it by putting a large box around a small slab in the middle and applied a toolsskybox texture to the box and putting the skybox name in the map property thing.

when learning how to map its ideal to use best practices to avoid having errors down the line this should help to you make the sky box the correct way

this video will be your bible for the next few hours

I always found it easier to make a 36 edged sphere whilst having skybox texture on and making another one smaller and then using carve to make the bigger one hollow, i know people be sayin carve is the bane of hammer but when it comes to skyboxes it doesn’t care

what would that even look like

heresy, perhaps

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