Trying to be the good guy in Rust - Part 1

Something I did recently that turned out to be really fun, was build a noob refuge.

I found an abandoned base that was missing several walls, but had nothing in it. 5 stories tall, 7x7. Initially I just took over a small section of the top floor, making it seem like the building was still abandoned, so that maybe I’d be left alone until I could build something else. But this dude was posting on the global chat about how he just bought this game that same night, kept dying from starvation/wolf attacks, etc etc. So I told him to check out, meet me at a spot, I’d take him back to my building and set up a room for him on a lower floor, yatta yatta yatta. So he did, we set up a room for him on the floor below me, we traded off and on, he ended up sticking around there rather than making a new base, and so I unexpectedly had a roomate in my building. (Up until this point I *never *played in a group/on a team, always played solo.) So then, he has a buddy who buys the game, and he asks if we can set him up another room. So we do, and in posting to each other on the global chat, like 5 more new players ask if they can come live in this building with us. So me and the first guy I took in ended up fixing up this big building, expanding on it, giving it huge walls, and setting up rooms for new players, for free. It was a really cool experience, and in the long run it won’t matter at all, they’ll move to a different server, try things out on their own, someone will raid us, whatever, that’s Rust. But it was cool, in a game that is really made by player to player interaction, to have this positive/charitable situation blossom into this little community of friendly strangers traiding, sharing a space and living together. I stayed there for about a week, and then that first dude that I took in added me on steam and asked if I wanted to do some PVP on another server with him, and now we play together on a higher pop PVP server everytime we’re both online.

Just thought I’d share this feel good experience, and I’d like to thank the dev team for creating a game that is so player driven, so socially dynamic, that I could experience this kind of scenario.


what makes rust fun

Cool dude. Thats the kinda shit I enjoy reading.

I had a very similar experience. I never played with someone I didn’t know, but I wanted to expand my horizons and I found a place fixed it up and made a nice little base. So going around I seen a guy and I started to run to him as he screamed “I only have a Rock!” about 4 times. So I go on to tell him I’m not there to kill him and by throwing him a gun and some gear he trusts me and we go back to the place and do a few runs. Then his buddy joins the house and I wasn’t tripping.

So I run around some more when they log off and found another guy, pretty much same story. So I log for the night as he says he will go out and look to expand what we had. I come back the next day and wake up in the middle of nowhere…The last guy said he woke up to the same, and I ran into the first two guys on another server and They tried to set me up to kill me because they thought I set them up from the start…

Moral of the story, Like Steve Austin said…DTA.

I will do it again of course in hopes to find someone to join forces with, until then, I will continue to wake up in the middle of a field when I connect to a server…

It’s hard to find people who will really stick by you through everything in a situation like that… I got lucky in that the first dude I brought in ended up being my best ally I’ve made since I started playing, but going in I figured at some point someone would get the wrong idea or take advantage of the situation. Good for you for your good nature though, hard to come by in the brutal society of Rust.

Yeh, I don’t get too attached to my belongings in Rust. If anything, I’m just looking to get those ally’s when the time comes and the game actually matters. Don’t want to be apart of a huge force, maybe 5-10 people tops.