Trying to build in experimental

Came across an interesting few errors recently in Experimental branch and figured I’d share it not to point it out but just to help anyone who might be wanting to build a decent sized house but comes across this error as much as I did. Every time I set out to make a 5x5 house it seems at least one place or another i got an error saying “can’t place: failed check: sphere test.” Usually At this point I would extend foundation in a different direction trying to work past the problem. Today I tried something different. When the error occurred I would switch to the hammer, hit it, and a tree would populate right in front of me. I would then have to switch to the rock and hit the tree, usually 1 hit later, it would disappear and then I could actually place the wall or stairs or w.e I was attempting to build. If it happened at the same location again i would repeat the steps but not too often would it require more than once or twice.

Now doing this will sometimes cause your rock or hammer to also show that you are swinging a tree, simply swap between items a few time on belt and usually it goes away for a bit. This technique will of course eat up a bit more wood as you lose 20 wood I believe per item placed that you have to break when you get the error and usually get about 2 wood back. It always makes building a bit more tedious and time consuming when racing against a setting sun… but hey not much else to do so its not terribly bad. I am sure the developers are aware of the problem again I am only mentioning this in case someone who wants to build comes across this same problem and this is a small work around for the time being if you do not want to start over at a new location / waste wood you already have in a building location.

As long as you have a sleeping bag you can get 800 wood back everytime you suicide so you won’t even have to leave the house anymore ;-}

I’ve come across this bug maybe once, and it never really bothered me much. Then again, I don’t often build very big right now.

looks like Garry has just fixed this

twitter: Fixed level spawning UID’s getting re-used (causing things to spawn as trees and shit) - @garrynewman (/main)

it was getting really bad last night 50% of my building components were turning into rocks or trees.

EDIT: been building for last hour and no trees/rocks :slight_smile:

Well I just got this error, server version 1324.
Tried everything suggested but still cant build in that one spot, also its a second floor wall I was trying to put in when this “can’t place: failed check: sphere test.” started…

I saw this for the first time yesterday when I was gri^w improving someones base…

this thread is from august guys… just make a new thread.