Trying to complete a HTTP request with, I don't know how to define a header.

Okay, so the API located here requires OAuth authentication. Is there a way to define a header with

http.Fetch so I could authectcate my request? I don’t see anything under the documentation on the wiki.

I started on an idea to show the gmodupdates twitter feed on the main menu, but I never got anywhere because of this
your options are to either make yourself a server that fetches the twitter stuff for you, or to just get the page normally and parse the html yourself (barf)

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Glad to see I’m not the only one with this issue, I wonder if it will ever change in a update.
Access to a API via GET request could open up a LOT of opportunity for servers.
I don’t really see it’s usage without the ability to specify headers for authentication - seeing as most REST APIs require this.

I think that should be able to do what you both want

I’ve actually never seen that function :v: I think I just searched for post on the wiki

Thanks to ZERF FUCKING UP THE WIKI DESCRIPTION, it also took me 10 hours to find out headers

Thank you so much, I didn’t see this in the wiki. I’ll post if I get something working. :excited: