Trying to convert an animated SWEP to a usable TTT weapon

I’m trying to get a lever action rifle working on my TTT server. The weapon I’m using is designed for sandbox and works fine there, but obviously the TTT gamemode is very different in it’s requirements. The weapon I’m trying to use is the 73 Winchester, part of M9K’s pack here:

Assuming the clientside download is no problem, all I’ve done is taken the .lua file under ‘weapon’, renamed it ‘weapon_ttt_winchester73.lua’ and placed in in the gamemodes errortown\entities\weapons folder with a slightly modified script.

The result is something which works in the most technical sense of the word, but there’s no cocking animation, so the rate of fire is too high. There’s no reloading animation so it instantly reloads and no sound. It also hovers when dropped rather than falling to the floor.

I feel like a caveman poking around a car with a club and would really appreciate some guidance. I feel that I need to be putting more on the server than just the .lua file, and doing more modifications to the code.

Here’s the code, quick and dirty. I just added a little bit of scripting on the bottom to make it work in TTT, but not work properly:

-- Variables that are used on both client and server
SWEP.Gun = ("m9k_winchester73") -- must be the name of your swep but NO CAPITALS!
SWEP.Category				= "M9K Assault Rifles"
SWEP.Author				= ""
SWEP.Contact				= ""
SWEP.Purpose				= ""
SWEP.Instructions				= ""
SWEP.MuzzleAttachment			= "1" 	-- Should be "1" for CSS models or "muzzle" for hl2 models
SWEP.ShellEjectAttachment			= "2" 	-- Should be "2" for CSS models or "1" for hl2 models
SWEP.PrintName				= "73 Winchester Carbine"		-- Weapon name (Shown on HUD)	
SWEP.Slot				= 2				-- Slot in the weapon selection menu
SWEP.SlotPos				= 29			-- Position in the slot
SWEP.DrawAmmo				= true		-- Should draw the default HL2 ammo counter
SWEP.DrawWeaponInfoBox			= false		-- Should draw the weapon info box
SWEP.BounceWeaponIcon   		= 	false	-- Should the weapon icon bounce?
SWEP.DrawCrosshair			= true		-- set false if you want no crosshair
SWEP.Weight				= 3			-- rank relative ot other weapons. bigger is better
SWEP.AutoSwitchTo			= true		-- Auto switch to if we pick it up
SWEP.AutoSwitchFrom			= true		-- Auto switch from if you pick up a better weapon
SWEP.HoldType 				= "ar2"	-- how others view you carrying the weapon
-- normal melee melee2 fist knife smg ar2 pistol rpg physgun grenade shotgun crossbow slam passive 
-- you're mostly going to use ar2, smg, shotgun or pistol. rpg and crossbow make for good sniper rifles

SWEP.ViewModelFOV			= 70
SWEP.ViewModelFlip			= true
SWEP.ViewModel				= "models/weapons/v_winchester1873.mdl"	-- Weapon view model
SWEP.WorldModel				= "models/weapons/w_winchester_1873.mdl"	-- Weapon world model
SWEP.Base 				= "bobs_shotty_base"
SWEP.Spawnable				= true
SWEP.AdminSpawnable			= true

SWEP.Primary.Sound			= Sound("Weapon_73.Single")		-- script that calls the primary fire sound
SWEP.Primary.RPM				= 66		-- This is in Rounds Per Minute
SWEP.Primary.ClipSize			= 8			-- Size of a clip
SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip			= 30	-- Default number of bullets in a clip
SWEP.Primary.KickUp			= .2				-- Maximum up recoil (rise)
SWEP.Primary.KickDown			= 0		-- Maximum down recoil (skeet)
SWEP.Primary.KickHorizontal			= 0.1	-- Maximum up recoil (stock)
SWEP.Primary.Automatic			= false		-- Automatic/Semi Auto
SWEP.Primary.Ammo			= "AirboatGun"	-- pistol, 357, smg1, ar2, buckshot, slam, SniperPenetratedRound, AirboatGun
-- Pistol, buckshot, and slam always ricochet. Use AirboatGun for a light metal peircing shotgun pellets

SWEP.Secondary.IronFOV			= 60		-- How much you 'zoom' in. Less is more! 
SWEP.ShellTime			= .54 				= {}				--The starting firemode			= 1

SWEP.Primary.NumShots	= 1		-- How many bullets to shoot per trigger pull, AKA pellets
SWEP.Primary.Damage		= 85	-- Base damage per bullet
SWEP.Primary.Spread		= .01	-- Define from-the-hip accuracy 1 is terrible, .0001 is exact)
SWEP.Primary.IronAccuracy = .001	-- Ironsight accuracy, should be the same for shotguns
-- Because irons don't magically give you less pellet spread!, but this isn't a shotgun so whatever, man!

-- Enter iron sight info and bone mod info below
SWEP.IronSightsPos = Vector(4.356, 0, 2.591)
SWEP.IronSightsAng = Vector(0, 0, 0)
SWEP.SightsPos = Vector(4.356, 0, 2.591)
SWEP.SightsAng = Vector(0, 0, 0)
SWEP.GSightsPos = Vector (0, 0, 0)
SWEP.GSightsAng = Vector (0, 0, 0)
SWEP.RunSightsPos = Vector (-2.3095, -3.0514, 2.3965)
SWEP.RunSightsAng = Vector (-19.8471, -33.9181, 10)

SWEP.ViewModelBoneMods = {
	["shell"] = { scale = Vector(0.009, 0.009, 0.009), pos = Vector(0, 0, 0), angle = Angle(0, 0, 0) }

if (gmod.GetGamemode().Name == "Murderthon 9000") then

	SWEP.Slot		= 1				-- Slot in the weapon selection menu
	SWEP.Weight		= 3			-- rank relative ot other weapons. bigger is better


if GetConVar("M9KDefaultClip") == nil then
	print("M9KDefaultClip is missing! You may have hit the lua limit!")
	if GetConVar("M9KDefaultClip"):GetFloat() >= 0 then
	SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip = SWEP.Primary.DefaultClip * GetConVar("M9KDefaultClip"):GetFloat()
	PainMulti = GetConVar("M9KDefaultClip"):GetFloat()
	else return end

// TTT Convertion Code \\

SWEP.Base = "weapon_tttbase"
SWEP.AutoSpawnable = true
SWEP.AmmoEnt = "item_box_357_ttt"
SWEP.InLoadoutFor = nil
SWEP.AllowDrop = true
SWEP.IsSilent = false
SWEP.NoSights = false

// TTT Convertion Code \\

Thanks for reading!

Try changing “SWEP.Gun” to “weapon_ttt_winchester73”.

Copy the code from the the m16, remove the weaponid line and change the view and world models along and with ironsightsang.

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Change the other settings accordingly

Thanks, I tried both of these. They got the sound working, but still no animations for cocking or reloading I’m afraid. What I’d really like to know is- what makes the animations work? Are there animation files? Where should they be? What calls them?

Animations are all done in the weapon’s mdl, not the weapon base.