Trying to create a server for a long time, please help!

Hello, I’ve been trying for what seems like… 35 years, yes that seems right, to make a Gmod server.
(To clarify I don’t want to make a dedicated server, I believe people call it a listen server, where you just click “create multiplayer” in game)

So anyways, I must say I’ve tried nearly everything, and I must be doing something wrong.

Here is my situation:
I am on a computer that is in a network of 3 computers including my own.
The network has a main server.
The router is a Netgear, I’m not sure what model exactly.

I’m not sure if any of that information helps.

If you can help me to get this work I will be so grateful, like, unbelievably grateful.
If you can take time to work it out with me over steam please add posdrums

[Please, oh please, do not just ask me questions of what I have done. Nothing I have done has worked, obviously, and I find it’s more irritating to ask a bunch of questions than it is helpful.]

I will try to find out the model of the router if it is necessary.

Port forward…?

  1. Goto or or or
    (Find the right one…)
  2. Go to the port forwarding section of your router
  3. Port forward 27015
  4. Hit play multiplayer
  5. Kbye

99% of the time it’s either or

Open up cmd, type in ipconfig, in standard gateway you should see your router ip.