Trying to deal with DarkRP demotion System

Hey guys! I made a post about this around 2 weeks ago and did not get a solid response so here it goes.

First of all I am using darkrp.

I have a job called “Government Chief” (TEAM_CHIEF) and I want him to be able to demote 3 certain jobs only (TEAM_CLOAK, TEAM_POLICE, and TEAM_SHARP) via F4 menu if people in those jobs are griefing!!

I then want TEAM_PROPA to only be able to demote (TEAM_SHOCK, and TEAM_SHOCKMEDIC) via F4 menu if people in those jobs are griefing.

What I have been doing temporarily: in the jobs.lua I made TEAM_CHIEF AND TEAM_PROPA both (chief = true) because they are both high status officials but they command different fleets. Right now, they can demote jobs out of their category but I want to fine tune to only certain jobs in the Governement forces they can demote.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

try this hook

Could andyone use the canDemote string in an example for me? Thanks btw

This is “developer discussion” so if you’re not a developer and is just asking for someone to make you something then go away. is what you should use.