Trying to download a hunter NPC.

Ok, before you tell me to “Look for it yourself,”, I did look forit myself. For the past two days, I’ve been searching for an EP2 hunter that would show up on my NPC list.

Are there any packs or individual NPCs I can download to get this NPC?

And, yes, I do own EP2.

Simply mount the game and there you have it. Sometimes, games you own won’t mount automatically (unless you’ve started GMOD before)

I’ve tried mounting before, but whenever I do, my Steam crashes, so I’m trying to download an NPC. But thanks anyways.

…Mounting a game and suddenly Steam crashes, is that the Garry’s Mod 13 Beta or is there something going on with your Vista machine?

Valid steam link?

Sorry but it doesn’t show your steam and “mounting a game makes it crash” sounds like a non-legit gmod.

Well, I haven’t tried mounting for over a while now. So I may as well try it again.

I believe I can confirm a pirate here

Even beta does not do this. Pirate.

Cannot confirm it isNt a pirate until we get a steam profile comment saying " hey facepunch it’s cookiemonste" so we know it’s you, and we’re not going to help til you do.

He can’t, because he is a pirate, he already ignored me asking to do the same thing.