Trying to edit map, but custom textures aren't bspzipped?

I’m trying to edit and compile gm_bluehills,, but I can’t find the custom materials via bspzip or pakrat. Does anyone know what the deal is? Are they baked in it or something?

you can’t bake in textures with source. You may be able to find them in the gma files, or perhaps ditch the dated pakrat and and go with something like vide.

I’ve looked in the .gma, and vide shows the same contents as pakrat and bspzip.

Well, the textures are somewhere. Source can’t “bake textures”. The only thing it bakes is lights during VRAD.

Here are some textures viewed with mat_texture_list that I can’t find anywhere


Seriously, they aren’t showing up anywhere.

I guess I can write a lua script to export the textures and materials in-game, but wow what did the author do to keep his textures unextractable.

Funny, I opened the map in GCFScape, and I have found all the textures


Here, I uploaded em’ for you

Oh what the fuck, hammer overwrote the .bsp I had sitting next to the .vmf, god damnit. Thanks for showing me it was the something wrong with my copy.