Trying to find a certain NPC pack.

I redid Gmod completely recently and am trying to get some of my addons back.

I’m having trouble finding a certain NPC pack.

All I remember is one of the images had the labcoat voritguant, ant it adds ones such as the Strider, the aforementioned vortigaunt, the slave, and some others.


That link is giving me a blank page.

there’s a question mark in the url that needs to be removed

my bad

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try now

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The one I was thinking of didn’t have a Bush one or the Ichtysaur. I might try this one. I know the lab vort was in a picture with some other NPCs

You mean you deleted the whole garrysmod folder? When you do “Delete Local File”, it deletes the GCF, not the garrysmod folder, leaving you the addons folder.

Which is what I likely should have done but like an idiot I didn’t think about it.