Trying to find a new CSS weapon pack [urgent] (recommendations?)

I’ve been looking for a new CSS weapon pack a lot lately, because I’ve been having issues with mad cow weapons (lua errors). I was just wondering if anybody can help me out. I’ve also been hearing rumors that they’re aren’t anymore working CSS weapons packs on gmod 13, does this mean I have to resort to m9k? I personally think those weapon packs are awful. If they’re aren’t anymore css weapon packs left, are they’re any other good ones? I’m trying to stay away from custom stuff, because my players like the original feel of rp. Anyways, thank you in advance!

And one more thing, this is very urgent, as my server is starting to crash because of the mad cow weapons.

I heard rumours that there are no more idiots mistaking “Developer Discussion” for “Find me an addon”, but I guess it’s as true as the one you mentioned.

/Also sorry for this attitude, it’s just how I handle the daily dose of people that can’t read.

I need HELP finding an addon, that’s why I put it in developer discussion.

It’s not a place to look for addons, how can you not get it?

There is a reason why all the rules are releated to fixing/editting scripts…

If you want to get help about such an silly issue not releated to fixing/modifying your/someones script then post it there ATLEAST: