Trying to find an addon (or something similar) I encountered years ago.

So I haven’t been much up-to-date with gmod in quite a while, and now I got stuck trying to find a very useful addon which basically let the players on a server ‘subscribe’ to the server-side errors. The client ran a command and specified where they wanted it displayed, after which any server-side errors that occurred would be sent and displayed to the client. This was very useful when playing around with Luapad on a server where the majority of the Luapad users did not have access to the server.

The closest I have found so far is ‘errorfinder’ (, which seems similar although more clunky. Also the date ‘2009’ makes me doubt it still works (cough gmod13 cough). Anyone knows of the one I am looking for, or at least other alternatives for me to look at?

As a side-note, Luapad is not exactly maintained. I did find a gmod13 fix on the workshop, but while searching I also found an alternative (
Before I decide to switch to it though, I figured I could just as well ask if people know something in regards to similar addons I should look at as well?