Trying to find an addon.

Hello my facepunch friends, if someone knows an addon of a Bell 205 or a MV-22 Osprey that dont cause lag? please send me a link im planning to do a gmod movie with a osprey but my computer for some reason i spawn a osprey and it lags and all but its strange because some games like Black Mesa:Source doesnt lag or The Forest (P.S im from Mexico so dont expect a proper grammar)

Can you post the current one you are using?

im using my windows 7 computer (i just love it :3) this is the one that runs pretty well the games. speculations: i dont know the computer with the one that im writing this can run games like graphics not better than the forest is like this from The forest to half life or counter strikes have no lag. Sorry if i have a bad grammar im Mexican as i said

I’m saying, can you upload and post a link to the specific models you were using before?

with that you mean the .mdl files from WAC Community 3 (i think thats the one with the osprey) or something else?

(P.S as i said i dont understand too much english when listening im good at writing…lets say not too much)

He just wanted to know you’re using WAC.


Yes, im using WAC and the link from where i got them is

The oprey is my favorite ad especially the one from half life but i havent seen an addon for the drivable ones.

I made this post because i wanted to see if someone of the facepunch community have ever founded the addon of a bell 205 or a mv 22 osprey that doesnt lag like the one from half life.

(The bell 205 is the news chopper 5 from left 4 dead no mercy campaign if you wonder)