Trying to find HL2 Combine Screen (Breen Screen)

I’m looking for the large screens that Dr. Breen spread his propaganda on throughout City 17 in HL2 for Gmod. I’ve found the combine_monitor002.mdl but I cant find the actual screen part. I’ve tried to adv duplicate the screen on other maps but it just shuts down the game with a precache error. Can anyone help?

The screen is a RT material iirc

Yes, I know that, I was just wondering about what said material was put onto. Surely it must be some sort of model with the material already attached.

It’s probably just a brush/prefab.

Yes, I think you may be right. It would explain the precache error. Is there any particular way I can access it while in gmod?

Not really, no. The monitor is made up of several different brushes with map-specific options.