Trying to fix random server crash

Hi guys, I run a TTT server that has a crash bug that has been haunting players for ages. It crashes the player everyone once in a while (maybe 1 round out of every 7 maps for example) and it is always on the very start of the round seconds after the roles get selected. Here is my crashlog after it happened to me: This is a really long url

I am pretty sure it is a custom script causing it but I wanna see if I can find out which. Thanks :slight_smile:

The dump log doesn’t really reveal any information; can you give more information on the crash?

So I am assuming it has to do with a script I have that says X players are alive and X are Ts. It also says Welcome when you join in the top right and X has connected. I think it is connected to the X players are live and X are T but as I said I am assuming.Here is it’s code. It’s in /lua/autorun/ so it is shared.

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Oh also as a side note, I have yet to update TTT so there isnt any of that .net stuff

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The death thing is also here for server and here for client