Trying to get OF BSP's

Opposing Force, is it possible to get a hold of the .bsps? I can’t find them anywhere in the directory when using GCFScape, the game was made by Gearbox so does that have anything to do with it?

If it’s possible how could I get the .bsps?

They’re in my Steamapps/opposing force.gcf file;


There’s at least 25 maps or so in there for me.

I checked that file and it was empty, strange, any chance you could upload of6a4b (Worlds Collide) and PM me a link please?

Probably a stupid question, but have you run the game at least once/verified your cache?

Yes, but lately the game has stopped working and failing to load maps/saves. So this could be the result.

Reinstall then tell us the results

I reinstalled and it’s working now.

Now, my next challenge is to get some brushwork from Hammer 3.5 into the modern one for scale reference, copy and paste doesnt work for some reason…

Maybe might help

It decompiles HL1 maps and puts them into a .MAP file that can then be loaded onto Hammer.

I know there the same engine, But would OP maps work the same way as HL1 maps?

Converting GoldSrc maps to Source