Trying to get Ragnarok Online 2: LotS models

I am trying to port models from Ragnarok Online 2: Legend of the Second. The problem is that there are a lot of roadblocks coming in my direction that prevents me from doing so. What’s different from the older brother, “Gate of the World” or whatever that shit is, is that this one is using the Gamebryo engine instead of the Unreal engine.

Now, normally I would get these models easily with an importer for 3ds max, but it is unfortunate that if I import the models with a nif plugin, I get this goddamn error message.

“Unknown object type encountered during file read: NiDataStream 0 18 No objects were read successfully”

And according to the NifSkope, when viewing the RO2 models, they don’t show anything but bones. I mean it, it has NOTHING but bones. That means that the models are unobtainable and the files are very different compared to other Gamebryo game models. This is a very big problem if you know what I mean, and I’ve been waiting my ass off to work on those models for Garry’s Mod. ]

If somebody can provide any solution to help me get the models, I would be appreciated.