Trying to get shipment data

I am trying to make my code be able to access a shipments table data, like model, price, etc.

I have two checks of where the person picks up the shipment and then I have a variable which is = to the ent that the person picked up and then I have one where the person can look at the shipment and type in a command and then a variable will be the assgined to the ent the person is looking at (the shipment).

So I have the var as “ent”.

I tried doing ent


doesn’t do anything besides give me the gravity, collsions, basilly only physics on the shipment.

Anyone have any ideas? Right now trying to do a for k,v in pairs since when it’s created, it uses an array.

*Someone told me to post this here instead of Gmod/help

Bump, still trying to get help for this? Can someone help a brother out?

I have absolutely no idea what you’re asking

ent:Getcontents() ?


This has all the answer btw that I was asking for.

Kill me, nvm. Still having problems. so when I do ent:Getcontents() or CustomShipment[ent:Getcontents()] it always gives me 5. The int.

I also tried putting both of those into a var called contents and then tries contents.model and contents.shipmodel and still got the same result.

First of all, I doubt anyone has a single bit of idea what are you looking for >~<

If you don’t know what a table contains, print it with PrintTable(). Besides, try tampering with some basic gmod entities to learn how to get it’s model etc.

Besides, DarkRP a entity:SetContents(data, count) function