Trying to get the weapons and swivel stands from SBMP- doesnt work

I want to get just the weapons and swivel stands out of SBMP cos there pretty useful whereas the rest, id ont really use and it slows down my gmod

This is the cut down version of SBMP, it is supposed to have only the weapons and Swivel Stands but some weapons and swivels stands dont appera and the spawn menu for almost everything else is still there.
can anyone help?

can anyone help?

I think it’s a bullshit pack with false files, just made to get downloads/piss people off. If you want the weapons so bad, just download SBMP.

ive got it, it just takes up loads of space and clutters up my spawn menu

and increases load times

I don’t think ANY addon increases your loading times so much where it would be annoying, maybe by a few seconds or so. by clicking the bar at the top of the spawn menu list, you can organize the list of menus.

Yeah, I find organzing the spawn menu helpful. The SBEP stuff always ending up near the bottom, all grouped together :smiley:

then why does my gmod take bout 5-10 mins to load up flatgrass,
most of the time is taken up by Loading Resources