Trying to gut realism out of sweps using mad cows base (and failing)

I’ve been trying to get rid of iron sight and this retarded function which lowers your weapon whilst sprinting. So far I’ve only been able to modify one swep to remove iron sight with no complication, and while I’ve been able to stop the weapon lowering, it still won’t fire. It’d be good to know exactly what must be changed in the LUA code so I have a better understanding when dealing with sweps of this kind.

You’ll probably have to do that in the weapon base its-self?

there’s a function somewehre in the init that keeps the player from firing while sprinting. Just ctrl+f “IN_SPRINT” and it will turn up any code associated to the sprint function.

Strange, searching finds nothing relevant to “IN_SPRINT”. You’re certain it’s in init.lua?

Why are you even taking the most outdated base and try to take it’s best functions out?

Because there are sweps that use it, and I don’t care for realism; especially not in Gmod.

Ah i got it. I can tweak the bases for you if you want.

Sure. Might have better luck than me.

If you do figure it out, it would be great to have some info on what to change for reference.