Trying to headhack a model, QC file cannot find VMT's

I’m trying to headhack a model, and all has gone okay so far; except the face (excluding the eyes) has missing textures. I’ve tried everything I could think of to get the model to find the face texture through the QC file, and nothing has worked. The console tells me the VMT files cannot be found, although I put the folder path in the QC file. Any suggestions?

There can be Multiple Reasons the VMT/ VTF files dont work. First off may i see the QC?
Secondly, the Texture HAS to be the name of the Models Materials through (I’m going to use 3DS Max as ref) Material Label (Not Texture Label) so in 3DS Max, if you make a material it’ll be Material #1 Something along those lines. I’ve Renamed “Material #1” to something like “FuckingHead_Diffuse” While Textures name is “Head_d.tga” VTF Will be named FuckingHead_Diffuse.vtf, not Head_d.vtf. im not sure if you understand this.