Trying to Host Behind modem/router and router.

Ok I have made a thread already, but it lost its momentum and I need a seperate thread just for this problem.

I have narrowed it down to ports not forwarding correctly, or/and the external IP won’t show up, only internal.

My setup looks like this:

(Ignore the crude imagery)

Anyways I have an Actiontec m1000 router/modem from Qwest which has to be plugged into our Netgear WGU624 because we have like 4 computers running. I know how to create static IPs and I have forwarded the necessary ports on the Netgear router. The qwest router is a different story. It has port forwarding and static ips too, as well as DMZ.

Qwest Router IP :
Netgear Gateway IP:
Server IP: (have tried static and

When I try to forward on the qwest router, it says the IP isn’t valid, and I guess it has something to do with the .0.1 part. So I changed my changed my netgear to 0.2

Then I put the starting ip on the netgear from to for the DHCP server. So both routers had the same .0 part, so I forwarded ports on both, and put a static ip on the netgear.

Should work right? Wrong, my internet wouldn’t connect right, and I couldn’t access the qwest router, it wouldn’t work right.

So I may not have explained this all right, but I need a guru to solve this for me, I racked my brain for days on it. I know I should get it, and it is probably something obviously simple, but I can’t get it.

Thanks guys.

Also if you need me to get other info just ask, I can also put screenshots in.

Can you access the Qwest Router/Modem’s web panel?


Solution 1:
Forward 27015 TCP/UDP to the NetGear’s IP, then forward the same ports on the NetGear to your local IP (Which should be static on the computer)

Solution 2:
Plug the server into the Qwest Router, and just forward it from the Qwest router, bypassing the NetGear.

The main problem is the IP address I would normally use comes up as invalid. But when I change things around it fucks up everything.

What do you mean by “IP I would normally use”?

I mean the static IP I set to use to forward ports on the Netgear, won’t work with the Qwest because it is instead of Something to do with the .0.1 thing. Also when I change the ip for the qwest router it fucks it up and I can’t use it anymore. I always have to do a hard reset.

Get a linksys router. I think they are like 30$? but it makes it way easier.

That’s not a good solution. My problem is with the fact that I have the qwest router AND the netgear.


I have a Motorola modem and its kinda transparent. I start the server, i forward the port* (yes, 1 port) on my Netgear router, and then people can join. Very simple. I never even once thought about my modem.

Why do you have 2 routers?

I have 2 routers because one is a modem/router. Yesterday I made my Netgear effectively act as a switch/hub, and nothing else. Then I forwarded the ports on the modem/router. No dice still. I think I have narrowed it down to the NAT feature on my modem/router. I can only turn it off and on, but I need to configure it differently. Anyone know what I can do? If I turn it off it disconnects my entire internet.


I went to check my server log, and saw 2 people had joined by chance. They were named

Here is a picture of the left over mess they left :slight_smile:

And Kliener

Needless to say I am happy it works. I just didn’t realize that you couldn’t see your own servers listed. Also I did a lot of work over the last 2 days trying to get my ports forwarding correctly.

Lol nice pic. I am able to see my own server though.

I can only see it in LAN. Is that how yours is?

Mine shows up in internet and lan, and just now i removed the +ip thing and now i can join it :smiley:

Weirdly enough it lists fine, as my friend attests, and people have joined no problem. I still cant see it in internt but no big deal since I can just join on the lan tab.